Collaboration Plan 

Introduction Meeting with Client

Our team member introduce our services and capabilities to client and at same time investigate client's business requirements and market challenges, The main aim of this meeting in to find the common area of collaboration 

Market Research 

Using our  knowledge, recourses, business network  and our team market experience, our team will do a full case study for each client needs in order to maximize client profit by fining the best supplier or solution  

Propose Solution

Our client will receive our proposal which is matching with his requirements and needs 

Business Agreement

collaboration agreement will signed with our client stating the client requirement and our scope and for sure the way of collaboration 

Manage and Support from Start to End

Our support will never end at proposal stage but it will be extended during each deal process or solution implementation, by handling all deal stages from client inquiry to delivery   

Go To Next Deal

as main strategy of COBRCO we are looking on long term strategic relation with our client so next success is always our target