Commercial Services 

COBRCO provides information and business services to companies and individuals worldwide. The main activity of the company is information brokering, which involves on demand and for profit retrieval, analysis and organization of information in conformity with the needs of a client.

The company area of specialization includes
- international trade, secondary market research, retrieval  in government documents, patents and trademarks with a focus in United Arab Emirates, Europe and Africa. focus initially on providing two kinds of international channels: ·
- Providing United Arab Emirates clients with assistance in developing European markets.
- Providing European, Asian and African clients with assistance in developing the United Arab Emirates market.

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COBRCO active as a broker in the supply and demand in a variety of markets. Based in Dubai, we have activities in the Middle East, ISC and Europe where we act as independent brokers in markets ranging as wide as Import and export products, Renewable energy, Industrial solutions and  Market research